Yesterday, I attended the Interact16 digital marketing conference in Columbus, OH, and it was awesome!  As mainly an IT person that dabbles in digital marketing, it was great to see that I’m actually using methods that people with real degrees in marketing use.  I don’t know, maybe that’s not good news to folks that spent years in college studying marketing, but hey, at least you didn’t major in art history.  Anyhow, get ready for some invigorating posts on digital marketing.  I tend to take the winter “off” on my personal blog because my day job gets super crazy, and I’m usually dead at the end of the day.  Let me say I’m back baby!

I picked up some great ideas that I plan to implement at Bob’s and here on my own site.  I also have a bone to pick with some of the information presented.  Millennials might (or might not) have a “high digital IQ”, but most lack even a basic knowledge of how technology works.  Believe me, I fix their messes, and they’re just as bad as their boomer parents.  I’d better stop here…

Look for these upcoming topics (titles subject to change):

  • Millennials Are NOT “Good at Computers” (Yep. This really got under my skin.)
  • Seize the Day:  The Internet Doesn’t Wait for Approvals
  • Re-engage Your Email List
  • Personas: Why? No really.
 *Unless you're getting paid to learn...

*Unless you're getting paid to learn...